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Website’s terms of use

The website’s access is not subject to any formal registration or authentication.

ITUp may, at any time and with immediate effect, suspend access to the website or the use of certain pages or content.

In general, use of the website should be undertaken in a responsible and prudent manner, taking into account the interests of ITUp and any third parties who may be affected. This general duty covers the aspects related to any content made available on the website by the user and the security of the technological tools used to access the website.

ITUp reserves the right to act in the manner it deems most appropriate to prevent and suppress any misuse or non-compliance with these terms of use.

Intellectual property rights

All the elements that integrate the website, namely its structure, layout, url, technical functionalities and embedded software, are the exclusive property of ITUp or have been regularly licensed for their use.

The trademarks, names, domains, logos and other distinctive signs used on the website constitute exclusive intellectual proprietary rights of ITUp or have been licensed for their use.

All content made available on the website, regardless of its form or nature, is protected by intellectual property rights. Its use or modification by any third party without the prior express authorization of ITUp constitutes a violation of those rights and is liable to cause its author to incur a duty to indemnify the injured parties in accordance with the law.  

ITUp's responsibilities and guarantees

The website was developed with the purpose of providing true and up-to-date information. However, and taking into account the nature of this means of communication, ITUp cannot guarantee that all results obtained through the website are absolutely correct or up to date.

ITUp disclaims any responsibility for content made available by third parties, errors or omissions in the sources of information made available, user expectations regarding the content of the website, or misuse of this content.

The opinions conveyed in contents made available by third parties are the sole responsibility of the respective authors.


The website uses security techniques in line with normal industry standards. However, as ITUp cannot control all the elements involved, it declines any responsibility for damage to the information and/or systems of the users of the website.

Collected information

To access some of the functionalities of this website the user may be asked to provide some personal information. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the specific collection form, the provision of such data is optional, and its processing will be carried out in compliance with the applicable data protection rules and policies.

For more information, please see ITUp's personal data processing policy.

Links to third-party resources

ITUp's website may provide access to third-party managed websites and platforms. This does not imply any relationship between ITUp and such third parties or any acceptance or confirmation of the content or technical quality of those sites. ITUp is completely unaware of the content and security of these resources.


Cookies are small files that are stored on users' equipment after they visit a website. When the user returns to that website, the file can be retrieved, allowing access to a set of navigation features on that site.

Cookies collect generic information about the user, such as the route taken to access the website, the geographical area from which they access, the number of pages visited, the language, frequency, duration and recurrence of visits, etc. Therefore, cookies help to determine the usefulness, interest and uses of a website, allowing faster and more efficient navigation and eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

ITUp's website uses cookies for various purposes:


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When starting to browse ITUp website, the user is given the option to accept or deny the use of cookies. Failure to do so may prevent access to certain features of the website or hinder navigation.

The user has the possibility to view the cookies stored on his equipment and manage their use, accessing the features provided in the browser settings he uses or the privacy options of the equipment. Deleting or blocking some cookies may prevent access to certain features of the website or make browsing more difficult. More information can be found in the help options of the browsers selected by the user.

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