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Close your OutSystems skills gap to keep up with your business

When hiring OutSystems developers, finding the right fit for your company can be challenging. More often than not, they lack the proper skill set and qualifications. Add to that the costs and time associated with recruiting, onboarding, and training them to be job-ready, and you have an unbearable overhead. And even then, it is not guaranteed that the candidate is the right fit for your organization and business needs resulting in a high employee turnover.

With our risk-free Hiring solution – the Zero Risk Ramp Up Program – we will recruit, teach and prepare the trainees, and you will get access to a new talent pool of qualified and job-ready candidates. Additionally, we will support you throughout the first months till you're ready to decide which newly qualified OutSystems Developers are a better fit for your company's culture and needs.

Digital Transformation is Impacting Business and Talent Needs

According to a report on Digital Leadership 2021 by the Harvey Nash Group, 67% of the respondents reported a skills shortage. Gartner further adds that nearly nine in ten executives say their organizations either already face skill gaps or expect gaps to develop within the next five years. The demand for qualified tech talent is rather high, and the tendency is to keep it so.

This tendency is also noticeable in the low-code platforms market, and the OutSystems landscape is no different. The lack of OutSystems Professionals is so significant at the moment that over fifty percent of the OutSystems Speed of Change report respondents declared that it is challenging to hire full-stack developers.

Even if organizations can surpass the hurdle of finding qualified talent in the market, the challenge doesn't end here. New hires often need a ramp-up process targeting your OutSystems landscape. However, in-house training is usually a burden and a distraction from the organization’s core business. Being traditionally done in a best-effort approach and, more often than not, on the job.

Our Approach Towards Building OutSystems Talent


Rigorous Recruitment Process

Admitted Trainees go through a comprehensive recruitment process. They are selected based on their aptitude for logical and mathematical reasoning, attitude, and professionalism.

Expert-taught Curriculum

Our instructors average 15+ years of industry and teaching experience ensuring our trainees fully grasp the foundations of software development and the OutSystems Platform.

Demanding Assessments and Assignments

Our trainees undergo rigorous theoretical and practical assessments and are handed out demanding project assignments. Additionally, our career and human-skills coaches constantly monitor and evaluate their progress and job readiness. 

Job Ready Graduates

Our trainees will also practice their project and communication skill set. They will consolidate the learned concepts while working in small teams and real-like projects. Also, performing technical presentations will shape their ability to clearly and accurately communicate ideas, expectations, and concerns.
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Finding talent, let alone candidates with the right skill set to integrate our teams, was challenging. However, since we partnered with ITUp, all the guesswork and uncertainty when hiring has vanished. All candidates they send our way can be immediately brought up to speed on any project we are working on.

Why You Should Hire Our Zero Risk Ramp Up Graduates

All our graduates are hand-picked, highly-motivated individuals who go through an intensive training program towards helping them become outstanding OutSystems professionals. Nonetheless, you only hire individuals that meet your expectations and fit your organization's culture. This reflects the confidence we have in our admissions process, the investment we make in our trainees, and the quality of our curriculum.

Great Graduates,
Outstanding Professionals

All our candidates go through a strict screening process designed to select only the top and highly-motivated individuals – our program has an admissions rate of only 6%.

However, the challenge is just beginning! The boot camp is intensive, and highly demanding, and not all trainees finish it. In fact, as little as 67% of the trainees reach the end. The assessments and assignments are designed to ensure they are job-ready and prepared to add value to your teams and your projects from day one. They will be excluded from the program if they are not, thus guaranteeing that only the best professionals are placed.

Exceptional Results,
every time

Our curriculum was developed based on detailed research of what companies are looking for in an OutSystems developer. We don’t just focus on teaching the students theoretical concepts and to code, but how to problem-solve and work in a real-life project environment.

Additionally, our human-skills coaches guide and teach them to clearly and accurately communicate in a professional setting. Besides the numerous assessments and assignments they have to deliver, our graduates also take the official OutSystems exam, which 100% of them successfully pass, which recognizes them as certified OutSystems developers.

Zero-risk Hiring,
Flat-out Success

We take the time to understand your talent requirements to ensure that the hired graduates fit your needs and your organization's culture. Still, we will closely work with you and your teams to guarantee a successful onboarding. You will quickly realize that every graduate from our program is driven and qualified.

Notwithstanding, if, for any reason whatsoever, it is not a right fit, we will help you find a better candidate – ever since our program began, we have had a hiring success rate of over 95%, with every customer reporting excellent results and high employee retention. Without the hassle of recruiting, training, and preparing the candidates in-house, there is 0% risk for your organization and 100% success in filling in the talent gap.

Admission Rate
67 - 80 %
Completion Rate
Certification success
Successful Hiring Rate

Our Program

Recruitment Process

Every successful candidate must undergo an intensive and strict screening process designed to find the most talented and driven individuals. Our in-house psychologists and talent acquisition specialists lead this phase to guarantee that only the most promising, curious, willing to learn, and strongly committed candidates enroll in our program.

Online Tutorial

If accepted into the program, the trainee will have to complete a pre-work module before the first day of class to get them up to speed on basic technical concepts.


The first six weeks will introduce web programming and OutSystems development fundamentals.

Our program gives significant relevance to the theory of software development, not focusing solely on teaching trainees to code. Thus, ensuring that the trainees develop critical thinking and sound logical reasoning skills, both so crucial toward becoming successful software developers in any language or professional setting. The trainees will learn the foundations of web development: HTML and CSS, Relational Databases, and Programming and algorithms basics.
Additionally, they will have the opportunity to apply the learned web development concepts in a simple first OutSystems project. At this point, they will be able to fully grasp the particularities of programming on the OutSystems Platform.

Our instructors will guide them in learning to develop an application end-to-end: from the UI to client and server logic and data modeling and everything else in between.


In this phase, the trainees implement a two-week project carefully designed so trainees can consolidate and practice the previously-learned concepts. The project follows an Agile Methodology with daily scrum meetings and weekly demos. Trainees will also attend master classes covering other competencies like Architecture, development best practices, and OutSystems Management tools.


Trainees will now wrap up everything learned. They will get to apply all the skills accumulated throughout the program in a real-world project working in small teams with the instructor as the Project's Tech Lead. The methodology followed will once again be the Agile approach with daily scrum meetings and weekly demonstrations of the implemented solution. By the end of the project, they will be capable of building a complete simple project in OutSystems, working in an enterprise environment, and presenting the developed solution to the stakeholders. As a final catch-up, there will be one last class to review all the assimilated concepts of web development thoroughly.

Agile Methodology

OutSystems has developed its own Agile Methodology designed to address the specific needs of development teams working with low-code to maximize the platform's benefits. Throughout the program, trainees will learn how to work on projects following the OutSystems approach but can quickly adapt to whichever methodology is being used in the projects they work on.

Human Skills

As essential as learning all the tech skills to become a software developer is making sure that our trainees also know how to communicate and interact in an enterprise setting.Throughout the whole 12 weeks of our program, trainees will regularly have sessions with our coaches to help them develop their human skills. They will develop skills like:

  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Presentation
  • Being a Team Player
  • Problem Solving
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management


By now, our trainees have successfully completed the program and the OutSystems Reactive Developer Certification. They have been through our immersive, intensive, and market-relevant curriculum and are job-ready and eager to be placed in real-world projects. 

However, despite taking the time to understand your requirements and then recommend specific graduates that might be the best fit for your organization, we know sometimes this is not enough. And that’s why, after you interview and choose the right candidates, they are placed in your organization for 6, 9, or 12 months.
In the end, if you decide not to hire them, that is totally ok. No questions asked! We will simply try to find another candidate that is a better fit for your organization.Nonetheless, with a placement rate of 95%, we trust that together, we will find the qualified talent your organization is looking for to fill your talent skills gap.

Additionally, during this trial period, our coaches will support the grads with any technical challenges they might face. Thus, helping them and your teams grow both technically and as a team.

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