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Turn Up Boot Camp

Transform your career with this immersive, intensive, instructor-led OutSystems training boot camp and get job-ready.

Entry LevelAdvancedSpecialization
Entry Level
6 - 12 Weeks
ClassroomVirtual ClassroomE-Learning
Virtual Classroom
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Nov 5, 2021
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You can be an Engineer, Mathematician, an Architect, or have any other background. What we are truly looking for is people passionate about launching a career in tech.
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Turn your career up an become a certified OutSystems developer

If you're thinking of a career shift into tech and would like to excel at it, our Turn Up Boot Camp will close the gap between your current skills and the skills needed to succeed. The Turn Up Boot Camp is an expert-led reskill program that gets you job-ready.
With an immersive, full-time, and hands-on learning framework packed with engaging, curated, and relevant content, you will be fluent in OutSystems technology by the end of the course. This comprehensive, industry-relevant training program includes modules like web development foundations, developing OutSystems web apps, consolidation of concepts, and a mastering OutSystems development module simulating a real-like project development.
Furthermore, we will go beyond app dev with a module dedicated to career coaching and soft skills training.

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Take a Look Inside Our Curriculum:

Web Development Foundations

Web Development Foundations

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The Web Development Foundations module is a theoretical module following a standard class approach, where the basics of programming, web development and relational databases will be taught. A full-time trainer will be on site to help and support the trainees. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.

Developing OutSystems Web Apps

Developing OutSystems Web Apps

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The Developing OutSystems Web Applications Boot Camp is a more theoretical module where OutSystems Development Core features will be taught using the OutSystems materials. The training combines theoretical modules with guided exercises to practice each topic and a short project at the end to wrap-up all concepts. A full time trainer will be on site or in virtual classroom to help and support the trainees. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.

 OutSystems  Development Consolidation

OutSystems Development Consolidation

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The OutSystems Development Consolidation module uses a hands-on approach, by simulating a two-week project implementation, complemented with Master Classes. The project follows an Agile approach, with daily SCRUM meetings and weekly demos. The requirements are carefully tailored so Team members practice the knowledge obtained in the first week and master the OutSystems Core features and common patterns. During this period, Team members will be working in small teams.

OutSystems Development Mastering

OutSystems Development Mastering

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This phase represents the first real project. It continues following an Agile approach, with daily SCRUM meetings and weekly demos (all done in English). The project to implement is a real case (typically an ITUp internal project or a partner internal project). During this period, trainees will be working in small teams. These Master Classes aim to provide new competences not covered in the initial modules, like Architecture, Silk UI, Integrations and more advanced subjects like BPT or OutSystems Now.

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