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Advanced program for experienced OutSystems Developers

Expert Up

Become an OutSystems Expert in just two weeks, mastering concepts like environment configuration, best practices, architecture, and asynchronous processes.

Entry LevelAdvancedSpecialization
2 weeks
ClassroomVirtual ClassroomE-Learning
Virtual Classroom
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OutSystems professionals who need to master OutSystems Platform's advanced features or become Certified OutSystems Expert Developers.
Expert Traditional Web Developer

Master OutSystems App Development and become an Expert and seasoned OutSystems developer

The Expert Up is a 2-week, intensive program delivered in two modules targeting OutSystems seasoned developers looking to upskill.

The first module will bring trainees up to speed on the essential topics by completing a series of self-study preparatory lessons.

Throughout the second module, the instructor explores advanced concepts and tools with the help of hands-on exercises grounded on real-world applications and case studies.

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Take a Look Inside Our Curriculum:

OutSystems Professional Auto-Review

OutSystems Professional Auto-Review

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The OutSystems Professional Auto-Review module addresses OutSystems Professional Certification topics with the help of case studies, and will use a real world scenarios. This module is an self-study module that will allow the validation if the basics topics are consolidated to start the Expert Certification. In the end of the module an assessment is performed to identity what professionals subjects need to be review beyond the topics of Expert Module.

OutSystems Expert Up

OutSystems Expert Up

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The OutSystems Expert Up module addresses all the topics of the OutSystems Expert Certification, with the help of targeted exercises on existing applications and cases studies. In the end of the module an assessment is performed.

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