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Platform Ops

Become a certified OutSystems Platform Ops and master operation, maintenance, and monitoring an OutSystems infrastructure on-premises and on the cloud.

Entry LevelAdvancedSpecialization
1 week
ClassroomVirtual ClassroomE-Learning
Virtual Classroom
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Operations Engineers and Sysadmins who want to support OutSystems in their on-premises or Cloud systems.
Professional Platform Ops Engineer

Keep your OutSystems infrastructure healthy, performant, and scalable

Platform Ops is a detailed 5-day program addressing the intricacies of operating, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting an OutSystems infrastructure.

The instructors focus on real-life planning and best practices throughout this hands-on program to guarantee a healthy, performant, and scalable infrastructure. Moreover, they will address how to debug stability and performance issues, scale existing systems to cope with new requirements and keep the platform updated with the latest features and fixes.

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Platform Ops

Platform Ops

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The Platform Ops module will teach how to debug issues related with stability and performance; Scale existing systems to cope with new requirements; Keep OutSystems updated with the latest features and fixes; Maintain a healthy pipeline in terms of operations to facilitate its management and much more. A full-time trainer will be on-site or in a virtual classroom (according to the chosen delivery format) to help and support the course participants. In the end of the module a technical assessment is performed.

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