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Take your OutSystems career to the next level

Lead Ramp Up

Lead development teams and design and build enterprise-grade, scalable and maintainable solutions with this intensive, 1-week, instructor-led program.

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1 week
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Virtual Classroom
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Senior OutSystems Developers, Junior Tech Leads, and Tech Leads from other technologies who want to become certified OutSystems Tech Leads.
Associate Tech Lead

Upskill your OutSystems career by mastering architecture, DevOps, Security, and Team Leadership

Advance your OutSystems Tech Lead career with this 1-week instructor-led intensive program that prepares you to solve the day-to-day challenges of designing and building enterprise-grade solutions while managing development teams.

Our world-class trainers address OutSystems Architecture, DevOps, Security, and best practices throughout Lead Ramp Up program's four modules towards building robust, performant, scalable, and maintainable applications.

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Take a Look Inside Our Curriculum:

OutSystems Architecture

OutSystems Architecture

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The OutSystems Architecture module addresses OutSystems Architecture topics with the help of case studies, and will use a real world scenario to practice defining the architecture of an application from high-level requirements. The Discovery tool will be used to validate the resulting architecture.

OutSystems DevOps

OutSystems DevOps

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The OutSystems Dev Ops module addresses devops and security topics with the help of targeted exercises on securing existing applications, as well as with LifeTime/Service Center exercises (including deployment, monitoring & troubleshooting applications and performance issues). In the end of the module an assessment is performed.

Best Practices

Best Practices

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0.5 DAYS

The Best Practices module address OutSystems performance best practices with the help of methods and tools that can be used to ensure that are build robust, performant and maintainable applications.

Agile Development

Agile Development

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2.5 DAYS

The Agile Development module addresses OutSystems Agile best practices with a real world scenario to practice the main team roles of an agile project and its phases.

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