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Reactive Developer

Start building reactive OutSystems Apps with this hands-on, 1-week, instructor-led program.

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Entry Level
1 week
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Virtual Classroom
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Developers from other technologies or with limited OutSystems knowledge. Architects who need to learn about OutSystems' reactive apps.
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Boost your career while diving into the fundamentals of OutSystems Reactive Apps

The Reactive Developer Boot camp is a 1-week instructor-led program diving into the fundamentals of designing, developing, deploying, and testing OutSystems reactive Apps.

Our world-class certified Trainers will teach you in detail the ins and outs of the OutSystems Platform with a hands-on approach throughout the program.

The course's curriculum focuses on app development best practices, data modeling, user interfaces, architecture, integration, and performance.

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Take a Look Inside Our Curriculum:

Reactive Developer

Reactive Developer

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The Reactive Developer module is a mix between theoretical presentations and guided exercises to practice each topic where OutSystems Development Core features will be taught. At the end of the module, a short project will be implemented to wrap-up all concepts.

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