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ITUp will train 50 OutSystems programmers by the end of the year for the North American Market

  • The Portuguese company has partnered with the american Cloud Development Resources to train 50 new low-code programming professionals, who will be working from Portugal for multinationals based in North America
  • Training starts in June, and registrations are already open
  • Employability rate of newly graduates above 95%
  • Possibility of career reconversion for people without IT experience, regardless of academic degree

Lisbon, May xx, 2021 – The Portuguese ITUp – world’s largest OutSystems programming academy – will train 50 new low-code programmers by the end of the year, in partnership with Cloud Development Resources, Inc. (CDR), North America’s leading provider of OutSystems software development and IT solutions. The 12-week course begins June 7, 2021, and registration is now open at

The 50 new low-code programming professionals will be based in Portugal, working for the North American market. “Given the enormous growth of low-code, the need to train new programmers on the OutSystems Platform has never been greater. Partnering with the company that has trained the most and best worldwide gives us a guarantee of experience and quality that we want to use not only internally, but also when reselling ITUp’s services to our clients,” explains Clark Swain, CDR’s CEO.

Luís Campos, ITUp’s CEO, explains that this partnership came naturally: “Cloud Development Resources has successfully helped its clients embrace their digital transformation on the OutSystems Platform across America. They were looking to complement their offer with training services and contacted us. CDR’s experience combined with our five years of know-how as the leading OutSystems Global Training Partner is sure to expand the OutSystems professional community in the US market rapidly. “

Since 2016, ITUp has trained over 3500 programmers, most of them of non-tech background, ensuring an employability rate above 95 percent, with salaries well above the national average. According to the Salary Survey of 2019 from the consultancy Robert Walters, an OutSystems programmer with two to five years of experience receives, on average, in Portugal, between 25 and 40 thousand euros gross annually, and can reach 50 thousand euros with five to 10 years of experience.

“The success rate of professional opportunities, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to a growing interest in our company and our specialization course in OutSystems,” guarantees Luís Campos. Considering that “the possibility of prompt career conversion, particularly for non-tech people, helps explain the increase in demand for this type of training.”

Regardless of an academic degree or professional experience, OutSystems training is most sought after by people who feel the need for a career change or are looking for a career path with a quick, significant financial return.

With offices in Portugal and Singapore, an international network of partners (USA, Holland, Germany, Australia, and South Africa) and partnerships with Portuguese universities, from which stands out a postgraduate program in collaboration with Técnico+, ITUp is the main responsible for exporting OutSystems Platform expertise and knowledge to the world.

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About ITUp

ITUp is the leader in training specialized in the OutSystems Platform, delivering academies with a focus on reskilling and upskilling. Having certified over three thousand and five hundred OutSystems Professionals worldwide since 2015, ITUp is the #1 OutSystems Global Training Partner. The unique know-how and relentless commitment to improve their offer deliver top-notch training to professionals with any level of OutSystems knowledge, both at in-person boot camps or online programs.

ITUp has offices in Portugal and Singapore, an international Partner network (USA, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and South Africa), and partnerships with several Portuguese Universities. Moreover, ITUp has more than 100 companies in its network, a high job placement rate, and proficient instructors, including 4 OutSystems MVPs, with an average of more than 12 years of teaching experience.

For more information, please visit ITUp’s website at

Sobre o Técnico+

O Técnico+ é a escola de formação pós-graduada avançada e profissional do Instituto Superior Técnico e a primeira nas áreas da Tecnologia, Engenharia, Ciência e Arquitetura em Portugal, com a missão de atualizar o conhecimento de pessoas e organizações. Através do vasto conhecimento e experiência do Técnico, o Técnico+ tem como objetivo ajudar ao desenvolvimento sustentável da sociedade e do mundo. Para mais informações, visite o site do Técnico+ em