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Web Services Of Outsystems' Service Center

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Did you have wonder which web services Service Center of OutSystems exposes? Let's look into it.

Service Center is not a regular module. It's a System Components module and the first module to be installed in your environment. Actually, you need it to be installed before installing the System Components solution.

But the thing is, if you search for it in the list of modules in Service Center, it will not show up.


Of course, if you search for some other modules, you will be able to look at their details just fine.

Ok, so let us take a further look at the URL of the screen with the details of the module. You will notice that it has the id of the Espace.

Module Users

Actually, Espace is the same as a module in this case. It's a legacy thing that is not the subject of this post.

So, if only we knew the Id of the Service Center module, maybe we could access it.

But what is the id of the Service Center module?

Did I mention that the Service Center was the first module to be installed in your environment?

So, let's change the id to 1 and voilá.

Module Service Center

So, what web services are exposed by Service Center? Click on the Integrations tab to know.

Service Center Integrations

And that's it.

Have fun.

Service Center

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