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Scheduling a timer in Service Studio

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We all know that the settings you set up in Service Center will take over any subsequent settings you set up in Service Studio.
E.g., after setting up a site property value in Service  Center, you can not change it in Service  Studio, or after setting up an effective URL in a web service in Service  Center, you can not change it in Service Studio.
But there is one exception to this rule: setting up a timer with the schedule On Publish in Service Studio will make the timer run after publishing independently of the schedule in Service Center. Note that this is only for the specific On Publish schedule. All other schedules in Service Studio will not override the schedule set up in Service Center.
What is happening behind the scenes is that when you have a timer set to On Publish when you publish the module, the attribute Next_Run of the Cyclic_Job_Shared entity will be set to CurrDateTime(). Thus the timer will run as soon as possible. After running the timer, the schedule will continue as was set up in Service Center.
So, be careful with this: if you have already set up the schedule to run at a specific time in Service Center, set up the schedule in Service Studio to NOT run On Publish.

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