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How to Locate the OutSystems Client Variables in the Browser

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In an OutSystems Reactive Application, we can use Client variables.

Client variables are used to store basic data types in reactive applications (they are also used in mobile applications). You can find more information in the Outsystems documentation.

The values of these variables are stored client-side, and thus they are stored in the browser. You can see their values by opening inspect in the browser. Then, click on the tab Application and expand Local Storage. Click on the name of your server, and you will be able to see your Client Variables:

Client Variables

Two other notes:

  1. The variable will only appear after an assignment is done to it. In the screenshot above, until I do not write anything in the search box, the MovieSearchText variable will not appear
  2. When I change the value on the page, it will automatically reflect the inspect window's value. The other way around is not true. If you change the inspect window's value, it will not change the value on the page right away. But the value is there, and if you refresh the page or continue to use the application, you will see that the value has changed.


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