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IT Girls Meet Up

Join us for this women-only event to get an introduction to OutSystems technology, hear from our alumnae about being a woman in IT, and learn how to become the next OutSystems developer.

IT Girls Meet Up
Saturday Apr 15, 2023
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
ITUp HQ (Lisbon)
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About this event

The market needs more female developers, and ITUp is here to help you be the next one!

At ITUp, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to change careers and start their journey as an OutSystems developer. For the past years, we have noticed that the number of female trainees has decreased over time and we are committed to reversing this trend.

It is you that we want! A young, energetic, hard-working girl who wants her chance to become a developer.

This event is entirely for women, led by our female team, with four women guest speakers!


Inspiration and motivation to pursue a career in technology

Through presentations and testimonials from successful female OutSystems developers, this event uncovers the opportunities available in the tech industry. You will learn how pursuing a career in tech with OutSystems can be an easier and more accessible option than other techs.

Practical insights into OutSystems development

The event will showcase the benefits of developing with OutSystems, including how it is easier to learn, faster to develop apps, and more accessible for those without a programming background. You will learn how OutSystems development can be used to create functional web and mobile applications that meet real-world business needs.

Networking opportunities

This event provides a unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded women interested in pursuing careers in technology. You will have the chance to network with other attendees and speakers who can give you a glimpse of what a tech journey looks like.

A sense of community and support

This women-only event creates a supportive and encouraging environment for women interested in tech. You will be surrounded by other women who share your passion and are committed to building a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.



Head of Training Operations
@ ITUp


Talent Operations Specialist
@ ITUp


Débora babo

OutSystems Developer
@ OSQuay

Helena Lameiro

Lead Engineer

Laura Fidalgo

OutSystems Developer


Manager, Developer Advocacy
@ OutSystems

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