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Hi, and welcome to another Tech Bite!

Did you know that the OutSystems Platform has tens of screen templates to help you quickly put together your apps? Let me show you how you can use them.

Right-click on the flow where you want to add a new screen.

 A pop-up window allows you to start building a screen from scratch or pick one of the templates. You can find several layouts to fit your needs or use one of the templates as a starting point to build your screen.

Let's go ahead and select the dashboard template.

As you can see, the Dashboard screen is ready to be published. The data you can see here is sample data imported from the "OutSystems Sample Data Database."

Let's drag and drop the entities and attributes to the different places to replace the sample data.

Whenever the platform can't figure out the appropriate data, the fields will be left empty or give an error. Just drag and drop the specific attribute to that place, or write the attribute on the property with an error.

After replacing the sample data with the data to be shown and solving all the errors on the screen, we can publish the application.

Let's now publish the application and then open the screen on the browser.

Looking good!

Thanks for watching.

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