Reinforce the team without risk

Askblue started working with ITUp in 2016 through the “Zero Risk Ramp Up” service. We considered this service highly useful because it allows us, first of all, to reinforce the team, without risk, to face some peaks of activity, and, later, to recruit, with much greater security. This is a service that we continue to use frequently and through which we have recruited some of our consultants with success.

As a result of using Zero Risk Ramp Up and being positively surprised by the technical quality and performance of the people available, we started another type of collaboration with ITUp during the year 2017. At the moment we are training our consultants through ITUp, using the services of basic and advanced training in OutSystems.

We consider this partnership an enormous value in the training of our consultants, facilitating their integration into projects and consequent career development.

Executive Manager at Askblue

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