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Digital Transformation is core to the strategy of many organizations, who perceive it as essential to succeeding or even surviving in the current business landscape.

The visionary and innovative Low-Code development platform created by OutSystems has substantially streamlined the transformation process, encompassing both web and mobile technologies.

Noesis, a technological innovation consultancy company operating in 7 business units and 6 countries, is driven by technology and innovation delivering quicker and customized solutions in all industries.

Helping clients lead their digital transformation projects, Noesis has the most qualified OutSystems team with 100+ OutSystems consultants. In order to enhance the capabilities of the team and maximize our client’s efficiency and flexibility, Noesis decided to engage ITUp in order to train 32 of its OutSystems consultants in mobile.

“The training has provided deep and solid skills to our consultants. The training was delivered by ITUp, the #1 OutSystems Global Training Partner and was a success, offering our talents a specialized skill in developing OutSystems Mobile Applications.

ITUp’s Mobile Training Program (Mobile Up) is an ambitious and innovative program. Designed to prepare and qualify outstanding professionals in OutSystems’ mobile capabilities, the program delivers what it promises. The program is thorough, in-depth and up-to-date.

Therefore, I would advise all organizations to invest not only in their teams, training them in the OutSystems technology, but also not to lag behind in this era of digital transformation.

Congratulations to ITUp for continuing to be the international reference in OutSystems training and for bringing professionals of excellence to the market”, Nuno Pacheco, Director at Noesis.

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