Land of dreams, Singapore

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It all started with the question: “Do you want to go to Singapore?”

I was so happy that I don’t remember what I said as an answer! Maybe it was yes because, after that, I only remember being in Singapore.

When you arrive for the first time, you believe that you time-traveled to the future.

All the tall buildings, the impressive Marina Bay Sands, and the big waterfall inside the airport, you can’t avoid it: it’s love at first sight.

But Singapore is more than that:

it is about different cultures, food, and enjoying your time with the ones you love. You can find people on Sundays making a picnic in a park as simple as that. The weather is very hot, and the best thing that you can do is to go out and enjoy the parks.

It’s a small country and, because of that, they try to preserve all the nature they have.

Singapore has so much diversity that, in the same street, you will find a Cathedral, an Indian temple, and a Buddhist temple, only to name a few. You can try food from different cultures, and together with spicy food and drinks in a bag, it’s all part of the Singapore identity. Food experience it’s one of the best things. The hard part is to choose what and where!

Air conditioning and watermelon juice became my best friends.

I met a lot of kind people from all over the world. I’m sure I will take them in my heart forever.

I can’t talk about my Singapore experience without talking about COVID-19. Yes, the virus that put the world upside down and turned my experience three times more intense and unforgettable. I didn’t have time to set a routine, and I was already working from home. Like the rest of the world, we share our days now with masks, check-ins, and social distancing.

There’s always something good in all situations, and because of this “new normal,” I had time to discover a less touristic and crowded country. We went back to the basics where meeting and enjoying a meal with the persons we like is the most important thing. The virus reminded us that nothing lasts forever and we must enjoy the present.

Time flies so fast that all the waiting, the expectations, and fears of moving to a new country seem now so far away.

I will always be grateful to ITUp for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this experience. I’m a lucky girl.

Singapore is a land where you can dream, and I’m living my dream.

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