From the Azores to Lisbon. from biomedical engineering and biophysics to low-code: ITUp empowers one more Trainee in OutSystems opening the door to a promising career

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The story of Paulo Costa is one of many success cases of skills conversion into one of the most sought-after areas worldwide: OutSystems development. After completing the Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics degree in Lisbon, on recommendation of friends, the born-and-raised azorean landed at AskBlue, was immediately seduced by the opportunities in the OutSystems world and began his training at ITUp – the leading OutSystems Training Partner. In 3 months, he certificatied and a day later was integrating a team working for a client.

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It all started when Paulo finished the Biomedical  Engineering and Biophysics degree at the University of Lisbon and was facing the same challenge many other young graduates do: where to start a promising career. AskBlue provided the opportunity and was the trigger to enter the OutSystems universe. With him, he brought his logical reasoning and methodical approach to problem-solving – fruits of the Engineering background – and a will to learn, two assets that would soon prove beneficial.


AskBlue suggested he specializes in OutSystems and ITUp’s Turn Up Academy was the obvious choice. Askblue relies on ITUp as its trusted training partner for OutSystems, whenever they need to ramp up their consultants. Only after they have gained the necessary skills and are certified, will they integrate AskBlue’s consulting projects – and the full process takes just 3 months.

«The market has evolved. It’s becoming more competitive and demanding. Companies no longer want professionals who spend the whole day programming. They want consultants who take advantage of the power of technology to add value to the business, who have a broader vision and who have soft skills related to teamwork, proactivity, communication and interpersonal relationship. This is how we prepare our trainees and why we have focused on the OutSystems low-code platform. And it’s thanks to this that we managed to achieve the results that cement partnerships such as the one we built with Askblue», highlights Luís Campos, CEO of ITUp.

One of the focus of ITUp’s training is precisely on the soft skills needed to succeed in the job market. «This area was very important to me. It enriched me as a person and prepared me to better address the current business challenges. On the other hand, the OutSystems technology has the advantage of accelerating digital transformation and time-to-market, since the development can be done in days, not months. Even those who do not have a technological background, can be successful with quality training like ITUp delivers», says the trainee Paulo Costa.

This success is rooted in ITUp’s methodology, striking a delicate balance between theoretical and practical classes, with many real-world exercises and hands-on workshops. In addition, each student is carefully coached and monitored, making sure all questions and difficulties are opportunities to learn and grow, making sure knowledge transfer is tailored to each one’s needs.

«I really enjoyed the Academy and the fact that the trainers are always available to support and challenge us. OutSystems technology has a short learning curve, which means it may seem daunting at first, but each small step is a giant leap forward, especially with the help of trainers and colleagues», says Paulo Costa.


The case of Paulo Costa (skill conversion, OutSystems certification and a significant step forward in his career, all in just months) is not isolated and is tangible proof of ITUp Academies’ success. «I now feel better prepared, confident and motivated for the job market. I found my calling and no doubt that the specialization in OutSystems was a winning bet», he says.

«In this training, I would highlight the part of understanding how the business works and the importance of interacting with the customer, learning their needs, discussing ideas and what solutions to propose as most suitable for them», adds Paulo. Paulo plans to continue investing in improving his OutSystems skills and maybe one day exploring his entrepreneurial vein.

«I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in building a career as a consultant, even without a tech background. All that’s needed is the will to learn, the ability to connect the dots and a teamwork mindset. With the approach used by ITUp, I’m certain everyone can succeed and pursue a career in a leading technology with growing demand worldwide» says Paulo Costa.

Being from the Azores and with ITUp also investing in the region by opening a training center at Terceira Tech Island, Paulo Costa points out: «I believe ITUp can enable many businesses to make the leap at Terceira Island and allow many azoreans to gain skills in digital transformation. This will help reduce the gap between the Azores and the mainland and create many opportunities for growth. With the arrival of ITUp, you don’t need to leave the archipelago in order to reach your full potential, it will certainly be beneficial for everyone. I challenge all Azoreans who wish to pursue an OutSystems career not to miss this opportunity».

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