4 reasons why an OutSystems career is the best investment for your future

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We all aim to do what we love, have the possibility to evolve (both personally and professionally), and be recognized for our work. It gets to a point where we wonder if this is what really happens. Regardless of the path taken, there’s always time to make a retrospective, see the options available and act.

The area of information technologies is exciting and full of opportunities. The innovation it involves and the critical role it plays in today’s business is truly motivating.

But with so many technologies on the market, which way to go? It is important to specialize in one of them to be effectively good and focused.

For countless reasons, we believe that an OutSystems career is an excellent option. In this article, we highlight 4 of them.

1. Low-code is the future and OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform

Due to the speed of apps development, the low-code market is expected to represent $21B in spending by 2022 (Forrester). OutSystems is the company that delivers the world’s leading low-code platform. It addresses the two major pressure points faced by organizations: the need for digital transformation and faster delivery cycles. In fact, teams can develop, deploy, manage and change applications 600 hundred percent faster with OutSystems than they could without. Also, OutSystems is the only solution that combines the simplicity and power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems.

2. Lack of OutSystems Developers in the market

Due to its huge success around the globe, there’s a clear lack of OutSystems Developers in the market. This represents a great opportunity for existing and new experts. The employment rate is practically 100% and the financial conditions offered are superior to any other technology. Besides, career evolution is much faster and rewarding. According to the Salary Survey 2019 (by Robert Walters), an OutSystems Developer at the beginning of his career can receive between 25 and 40 k per year (in Portugal) and it’s possible to become a team leader in a year/a year and a half. So, anyone looking for a dream job, don’t need to look no further.

Here are some key-numbers about OutSystems global footprint:

  • 52 countries with thousands of projects
  • 245 global partners around the world
  • 22 industries covered
  • $100 million in recurring revenue

3. “Code” meets “business”

An OutSystems career is a perfect fit for those seeking a consulting career – a career that really makes a difference in the business and is not only about programming. It’s about delivering solutions at the speed business demands. OutSystems has a much greater impact on the business because:

  • IT departments are able to dramatically improve productivity and reduce their backlog.
  • Maintenance costs are slashed freeing up more budget for innovation.
  • IT resources are used more effectively.
  • IT truly becomes agile, able to respond to the business and deliver what the customer actually needs.

4. Learning fast and growing faster – You can become an OutSystems Developer in a blink of an eye

Already passionate about an OutSystems career, but thinking it’s almost impossible to start one? Even without any IT background, if you know how to use the left side of your brain and have logical reasoning, you are an excellent candidate to be an OutSystems Developer.

Based on more than 60 years of accumulated experience with the OutSystems platform, ITUp training services are designed to create highly qualified professionals able to respond to growing demand, over the 5 continents.

For those who are not experts in OutSystems, we have a complete academy that includes both soft and technical skills to turn Engineers, Mathematicians, and other technologies Developers into OutSystems Developers – in 5 or 12 weeks! It only depends on your evolution and Trainer’s evaluation 😉

For those already familiar with OutSystems but needing to enrich their knowledge in some areas or get a certification, we also have several solutions. Check our standard and advanced training programs.

Here are some key-numbers about our positioning that you can take advantage:

  • #1 OutSystems Global Training Partner
  • 1358 trained people
  • 89% certification success with 86% average score
  • 3 OutSystems MVPs in the team and more than 20 certified OutSystems professionals, including 4 Expert Developers and 3 Support Engineers
  • 3 Training Centers (Lisbon, Terceira Island, Singapore)
  • 4 Master Resellers (covering regions such as the Netherlands, South Africa, DACH, Brazil and Oporto)

For all of this and much more, OutSystems is a real life-changing. Count on us to start or boost your career!

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