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Advanced program for OutSystems Developers

Advanced Developer

Become a Professional OutSystems developer experienced at building robust, highly performant, and scalable apps.

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Advanced Developer
Entry LevelAdvancedSpecialization
35 Hours
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Virtual Classroom
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Master the OutSystems Platform and become a Professional OutSystems developer

The Advance Developer is an intensive, instruct-led program guiding OutSystems developers through the platform's advanced features.

Hence, the course focuses on OutSystems architecture, integration with external systems, authentication & authorization, asynchronous processes, and performance best practices; towards building robust, highly performant, scalable, and maintainable solutions.

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Our Turn Up boot camp will close the knowledge gap between your current skills and the skills needed to succeed in a technological career.
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Collaborative Training
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Our classroom environment, both in-person and remote, encourages teamwork to help you learn all the concepts of software development while mimicking real-world projects.
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Tuition Options

Full Tuition
Total cost of the boot camp
8750 €*
* cost for local students: 7000 €
Apply to our scholarship program and don’t pay the boot camp tuition**
You will be entitled to:
Training Contract for 12 weeks including:
  • Daily allowance
  • Accomplishment award
    (if finished in 8 weeks)
Job contract of 1 year upon completion of the boot camp and placement at one of our hiring partners, including:
  • Monthly salary of 850€ plus daily allowance
    (if finished in 12 weeks)
  • Monthly salary of 1000€ plus daily allowance
    (if finished in 8 weeks)
**Conditions Apply. Refund of total cost if trainee resigns before the end of the contracts. Please talk with our Admissions Team if you have any questions.

Take a Look Inside Our Curriculum:

OutSystems Architecture

OutSystems Architecture

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The OutSystems Architecture module addresses OutSystems Architecture topics with the help of case studies, and will use a real world scenario to practice defining the architecture of an application from high-level requirements. The Discovery tool will be used to validate the resulting architecture.



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The OutSystems Integrations module addresses integration with other systems. OutSystems Integrations topics will be taught with the support of guided exercises on onsuming/exposing web services; integrating with external databases and integrating with existing .NET code.

Authentication & Authorization

Authentication & Authorization

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The Authentication & Authorization module addresses different ways you may use to integrate your OutSystems applications authentication with other existing authentication systems and how to manage authorization on your applications.

Asynchronous Processes

Asynchronous Processes

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The OutSystems Asynchronous Processes module covers OutSystems timers best practices and batch Processing topics taught with the support of guided exercises on all main sections.

Best Practices

Best Practices

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The Best Practices module address OutSystems performance best practices with the help of methods and tools that can be used to ensure that are build robust, performant and maintainable applications.

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What is OutSystems?

The OutSystems platform is designed to dramatically accelerate the development process for your essential applications while also delivering unprecedented levels of flexibility, enabling developers to continuously evolve applications as business needs and technology trends evolve.

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